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Providing counseling for individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds throughout Chicago, LYDIA Home Counseling Center opened in 1996 to help meet the growing needs in our community. Our counseling services are available to individuals or families from all religious, racial, and economic backgrounds. We accept BCBS, PPO, and BCBS Community insurance plans. We also have a sliding scale for qualifying self-pay clients.


LYDIA counselors help clients of all ages and backgrounds, with services that include the following:

  • Counseling for children, teens, adults,   
    and families      

  • Couples counseling    

  • Parent training    

LYDIA Counseling Center opened in 1996 to help meet the many needs facing people in our community. Our services are available to individuals from all religious, racial, and economic backgrounds.

Why do I feel so anxious? Is my marriage going to survive? How can I be a better parent? Is it normal to feel this angry? Why do I feel so lonely? Are things ever going to get better?

The next step is to call LYDIA Counseling Center. We’re here to help!

Does life sometimes seem overwhelming and more than you can handle? If you are feeling lonely, confused, or disappointed, it may be a sign that you need the support of a trained, experienced therapist.

LYDIA Counseling Center assists adults, children, couples, and families who are facing a variety of potential difficulties. Since LYDIA Home has been serving families in various capacities for over 100 years, our particular specialization is in addressing the issues and problems associated with families.

LYDIA Counseling Center provides treatment for the following:

  • Depression, anxiety, and grief

  • Anger

  • Abusive relationships

  • Couples issues

  • Parent-child relationship problems

  • Caregiver burnout

  • Attention/learning difficulties

  • Workplace relationship issues

Our therapists at LYDIA Counseling Center have seen firsthand that issues such as these, left unattended, can eventually become overwhelming. It takes courage to seek help, but the peace and contentment you experience can be life-changing!


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